Verdell Osborne

Verdell Osborne

Senior Manager, Learning and Development
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Verdell Osborne is a successful Certified Community Life Coach, training professional,
contributing writer, and speaker for various organizations throughout the country. She holds a
Master of Science degree in Leadership and a Bachelor of Science
degree in Adult Education.
Her passion is building relationships, enhancing communications, and constructing cultural
support networks that allow communities to function at their optimal potential. Her
professionally crafted coaching and speaking skills bl
end synergistically with large and small
organizations, and her individual coaching sessions are a highly sought
after commodity.

Verdell has been a senior manager, learning and development, and DEI ambassador for HCSC
for three years and has over twenty
years’ experience in the learning and development field.
Verdell received a Certified Diversity Professional designation from The Institute for Diversity,
Indianapolis, IN, and mentors several University of Texas at Dallas students, which has impacted
diversity pipeline for the Texas Sales and Account Management pipeline. Verdell recognizes
the impact of finding diverse talent through partnerships with college campuses and a Sales
University program that has a focus on mentoring and sponsorship.

’s passion is helping the next generation. Her quote is, "I believe that if I can train and
coach employees through the lens of health inequities, I am supporting marginalized
communities." She has been married to her best friend for 26 years and has a lar
ge, blended

3:00 pm - 3:20 pm
Coral C

Cultivating Change: The Power of Sponsorship, Mentorship, and Allyship

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives thrive when supported by powerful and enduring forces—sponsorship, mentorship, and allyship. Join us for a compelling session that explores how these three pillars can drive transformative change within organizations and communities.

Moderator: Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
•Verdell Osborne, Senior Manager, Learning and Development, Blue Cross Blue Shield