Tessa Forshaw

Tessa Forshaw

Researcher, Instructor, Presidential Scholar
Harvard University

Tessa Forshaw is a co-founder of the Harvard Next Level Lab: Applied Learning Sciences for Access, Innovation and Mastery. The work revolves around the application of learning sciences, drawing from sociology, cognitive science, psychology, anthropology and neuroscience, to shed light on learning at work. Tessa is immersed in transformative research focused on the intersection of learning and work and the technologies that supercharge them. Her focus revolves around reskilling, upskilling and enhancing people’s cognitive and creative capabilities to adapt to the ever-evolving work landscape.

9:05 am - 9:55 am
Oceana AB

A Fresh Take on a Proven Practice: How Apprenticeships Accelerate Learning at Scale

In this session, featuring the Harvard University Next-Level Lab and Accenture, you will:
• Learn how to build a supercharged, learning-powered apprenticeship program from a Harvard researcher
• Team up with your peers to put these tips into practice
• Hear first-hand how Accenture has developed apprenticeship networks with partners across the country to train thousands of apprentices for jobs of the future.

•Tessa Forshaw, Researcher, Instructor, Presidential Scholar, Harvard University
•Christine Nanan, Senior Manager, Skilling, Accenture
•Robin Boggs, Managing Director, Corporate Citizenship, US, Accenture