Taryn Hess, Ph.D.

Taryn Hess, Ph.D.

Principal, Talent Enablement & Transformation
EPAM Systems

Taryn Hess is an expert in data literacy, learning, and change management. She spearheads innovative digital transformation programs, leading the development of effective, engaging initiatives that leverage best practices of instructional design, psychology, business, and organizational change management. She consults directly with clients to evaluate and align capabilities, processes, and tools that achieve business objectives. With nearly two decades of experience successfully leading learning and change across a variety of disciplines and industries, Taryn is passionate about creating opportunities and designing experiences that impact change and promote data literacy.

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm
Coral DE

Empowering Business Success: Data Literacy and Skills-First Strategies for Talent Management

In this conference session, we’ll explore the critical role of data literacy and a skills-first approach in driving business success. This engaging sesion will explore best practices and strategies of how to foster a data-literate workforce. It will delve into the benefits of and how to apply a skills-first approach to support talent management efforts. It will include real-world examples with lessons learned and practical activities. 

•Taryn Hess, Ph.D. Principal, Talent Enablement & Transformation, EPAM Systems

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