Sarah Danzl

Sarah Danzl

Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Danzl serves as Chief Marketing Officer, focused on the global marketing and go-to-market strategies for Skillable.

Most recently, Sarah was Communications Officer and Vice President of Customer Marketing at Degreed. She has been actively involved in the learning space for 15 years, leading marketing and communications efforts in both corporate and startup capacities, especially thriving in high-growth SaaS environments.

When Sarah is not developing new content, she can be found experimenting with new recipes, getting involved in a local nonprofit or walking her two pitbulls at the base of the Rockies in Boulder, CO.

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm
Coral C

How Majesco Accelerated Job Readiness with Hands-On, Performance-Driven Learning

90% of organizations say their learning doesn’t demonstrate skill proficiency. But the highest-impact organizations are investing in skill validation and hands-on learning that does more than provide knowledge and instead looks at behavior and outcomes. Majesco, a global leader in cloud insurance software solutions, took on high employee turnover, an ineffective training program, and a need to accelerate time to competency, by shifting to performance-driven skill development.

•Sarah Danzl, Chief Marketing Officer, Skillable
•Jennifer Messersmith, Chief Learning Officer, Majesco

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