Katie Sheketoff

Katie Sheketoff

Director of Global Leadership Development
Marriott International

Katie Sheketoff is the Director of Global Leadership Development at Marriott International, where she supports global talent initiatives that develop leaders at all levels. Having worked in many countries around the world, Katie has dedicated her career to helping both corporate and nonprofit aid organizations transcend traditional classroom learning and amplify their people’s potential and impact through curiosity, courage, and connectedness.

1:15 pm - 1:45 pm
Coral AB

Human-Centric Learning In The Age Of AI

How are Learning and Development teams going to upskill and reskill their workforces in response to generative AI, and what do learning leaders need to do to help their companies stay competitive through the AI revolution? Join Katie Sheketoff, Director of Global Leadership Development at Marriott International, and Jacob Nikolau, Head of Product Marketing at NovoEd, for an energetic session on how the workforce is going to change through the AI revolution and 5 tips for how L&D organizations should structure their programs in 2024 to align to and thrive though, this wave of technological and organizational change. Anchoring to Katie’s global leadership development portfolio, which reaches 30,000 Marriott employees per year, we’ll also talk about how generative AI is making content more commoditized and personalized learning easier than ever before but still fails to solve the most critical variable for driving impact at scale: human centricity.

•Katie Sheketoff, Director of Global Leadership Development, Marriott International
•Jacob Nikolau, Head of Product and Customer Marketing, Novoed

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