Karl Sonta

Karl Sonta

Associate Director

● Learning Technology responsible for contextualized Guided Performance Support and Digital Adoption technologies within Verizon Global Learning & Development.

● Joined Verizon in 2001 holding various roles in Indirect Sales, Retail Store Manager, Senior Trainer supporting retail stores in Manhattan, and currently leads a CoE responsible for reimagining systems training through AI and RPA at Verizon within the GL&D Technology Team

10:00 am - 10:45 am
Oceana AB

Radically Reimagining Systems Training at Verizon

For almost a decade, Verizon’s Global Learning & Development team has searched for more authentic, cost-effective ways to prepare new hires and embedded learners to navigate complex business systems and associated processes while delighting their customers.

Verizon’s Learning Technology Team scoured the marketplace to find that no single solution exists to holistically solve this complex problem. Therefore, a reimagined solution was created combining five separate elements into a seamless and immersive experience that begins in new employee and agent onboarding and carries through to reinforcement opportunities and guided performance support on the job, in the flow of work.

The reimagined solution leverages the power of AI and RPA, including a robust, high-fidelity simulated replication of the production process paired with a conversational chatbot (using natural speech or text) which is orchestrated by Hybrid-Attended Robotic Process Automation (HA-RPA) for asynchronous or classroom training.

•Christy Bratton Jones, Director, Verizon
•Karl Sonta, Associate Director, Verizon