Gershwin Exeter

Gershwin Exeter

Vice President, Global Services

Gershwin Exeter is in constant search of balance. The balance between being an inquisitive learner, with a child-like mentality towards development, to being an innovative, inspirational leader. The balance between his first love of competitive football and his evolved love of meditative yoga. Gershwin is constantly balancing.

Gershwin believes that, as leaders, we have a responsibility to guide, empower, listen to, and evolve the next generation – which is why he is so passionate about the Global Services practice at Thrasio, where he serves as Vice President. Gershwin manages the tier 0, 1, and 2, compliance support, technology support, insights, and project management office (PMO). Gershwin has implemented a robust customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) omnichannel platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), generative AI, machine learning, deep learning, sentiment analysis, and predictive insights to achieve top 10 percent operational metrics - across all industries.

Gershwin added diversity, inclusivity, and equality to his portfolio and became a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP®). Gershwin was the Chair of the Black Leadership Council and Focus Leader of the Diversity Council at his previous employer of 23 years, TTEC, and has worked to create products and services to further organizations’ commitment to diversity and inclusion in the technology and customer experience industries.

Gershwin holds Masters’ degrees from Schulich at York University and Universita Bocconi to complement his undergraduate degree from Ryerson University. Gershwin is a Harvard Business School Executive Leadership Program alum. He has industry certifications in project management, accounting, diversity, process improvement, and channel management. Gershwin owns 3 invention patents.

Gershwin was born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Keeping the calm island mindset and blending it with the entrepreneurial mentality of big city life is another example of Gershwin’s constant search for balance.

3:45 pm - 4:00 pm
Oceana C

Implementing Artificial Intelligence Is More Than A Technology Play

Thrasio implemented a complete artificial-intelligence-powered, omnichannel solution that uses predictive insights to achieve 1-minute first reply times, 48-minute full resolution times, 94 percent CSAT, 87 percent one-touch tickets, and 80 percent employee satisfaction. This was all done by decreasing the total cost of ownership by 45 percent. Artificial intelligence, automation, and other advanced technologies played a massive role in achieving these results. Organizational development was equally responsible. The skill and talent development enabled employees to understand the benefits of the technology, embrace their role in the deployment, and own the accountability of the positive outcomes. Disprz’s artificial intelligence platform was critical in this success. This 15-minute presentation will provide practical, live examples of Thrasio’s journey and Disprz’s role in organizational development.

•Gershwin Exeter, Vice President, Global Services, Thrasio

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