Dr. Ashwin Mehta

Dr. Ashwin Mehta

Global Learning Technology & Innovation Lead
Bayer Bayer Pharmaceutical (MAPV)

Ashwin leads learning technology and innovation at Bayer Pharmaceuticals (MAPV). He collaborates across a global and cross-functional remit to embed digital transformation in the employee lifecycle, from onboarding and soft skills to medical products and technical skills. With an innovation remit, Ashwin pioneers AI (including Generative AI) in learning, leading on governance, skills, adoption, and using Generative AI in learning.

Prior to joining Bayer, Ashwin led learning technology at Deloitte UK, as part of a multi-award-winning career in global digital learning. Ashwin has advised across public and private sector organizations, across telecoms and media, sports, transport, medical, and pharmaceutical.

Ashwin holds an MBA and a PhD in learning technology adoption, with cross-disciplinary work in human computer interactions, statistical modelling of learner behavior, related to the endeavors of creating and implementing better learning experiences through the ever-increasing power of technology.

8:45 am - 10:00 am
Oceana AB

How Will Generative AI Transform Human Capital Management?

General Session

Generative AI represents an enormous opportunity to reimagine how enterprises attract, develop, and retain talent. In this general session panel kicking off the second day of the conference, Excellence Award-winning companies will share their vision for harnessing generative technologies to transform human capital management.

Moderator: Mike Cooke, CEO, Brandon Hall Group
•Angela Beatty, Global Lead for Talent, Rewards, And Employee Experience, Accenture
•Maria Taylor, Chief Learning Officer, United Airlines
•Brad Watt, CLO, Colgate-Palmolive
•Dr. Ashwin Mehta, Global Learning Technology & Innovation Lead, Bayer Pharmaceutical (MAPV)

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2:45 pm - 3:15 pm
Coral AB

Creating High-Impact, High-Performance Learning Solutions with AI (Sponsored by Infopro Learning)

The L&D industry stands at the powerful intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative design methodologies to enhance performance outcomes. With an intelligent design framework, L&D leaders are moving towards the strategic deployment of AI-driven solutions to optimize and elevate performance across various domains, from business processes to workforce excellence and beyond.

•Dr. Ashwin Mehta, Global Learning Technology & Innovation Lead, Bayer Pharmaceutical (MAPV)
•Arun Prakash, Executive Vice President & Chief Learning Architect, Infopro

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SHRM Recertification Provider ATD Preapproved Education Provider