Alex Draper

Alex Draper

CEO & Founder
DX Learning Solutions

Alex started life as a trainee schoolteacher in the UK. In 2002 he moved into adult education when he joined a global management training organization. In 2005 he moved to Chicago to build and lead the company’s operation in America. It was there he found his passion and purpose around developing people’s leadership capabilities (EQ) versus management skills (IQ), and in 2015, started his own organization, DX, built on these ideas. DX combines human capital optimization with progressive leadership development to expose and eliminate toxicity and prepare organizations, leaders, and teams to put people first and create companies worth working for. In using his CARE Equation, Alex has helped develop and unlock leadership potential in over forty thousand people through DX’s keynotes, conferences, offsites, retreats, and leadership development programs all over the world, building a human-centric movement, while still being a people-first leader himself both at work and at home.

3:05 pm - 3:20 pm
Coral DE

Leadership Bench Strength and Succession – Effective Strategies for Building a Leadership Pipeline

If there are never strong internal candidates for senior leadership and executive vacancies, we’ve failed at leadership development. When we hire from the outside, we pay more to get less. Despite costing more, external hires perform worse and quit more.

•Alex Draper, CEO & Founder, DX Learning Solutions

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