Innovation Lab: Leading-Edge Technologies Driving Future Excellence

The conference concludes with a highly interactive session featuring Excellence Award winners Baker Hughes and Accenture and their partners from Harvard University and Goodwill Industries International. They will demonstrate and discuss technology innovation and involve the audience in providing feedback and ideas to spur new thinking.

Project Overcome is a metaverse-based application that was designed to help justice-involved individuals prepare to enter the workforce. The application was designed by Accenture US Corporate Citizenship with Goodwill Industries International as part of their re-entry services program. Attendees will see a demonstration of the application, hear about the tangible impacts of the experience as researched by the Next Level Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and discuss implications for leveraging virtual reality in learning.

Baker Hughes
Baker Hughes, a global energy technology company, launched its first fully self-directed social community and knowledge-sharing experience, named CORE. It is focused on the four Baker Hughes values of Lead, Care, Grow, and Collaborate. With close to 5,000 members to date, CORE has leveraged automation and data analytics to handle thousands of mundane and repetitive tasks. In doing so, the company has shifted its attention to meaningful interactions with CORE members. Thai Mach, one of the “COREtets” who spearheaded CORE, will take you behind the scenes and inspire you to take on automation to create a more human experience in the digital space.