How do Global Organizations Find, Develop, and Advance Their Wonder Women in the Global Workplace?

Wonder Woman was born from the Amazons and became that unexpected leader embracing her full potential.
In today’s world, she could be from São Paulo, maybe Dubai, or Shanghai, but why aren’t real-world global equivalents ascending to lead your management teams? Unlocking and harnessing the potential of talented individuals is a challenge faced by any internationally diverse organization. Join this interactive session as we explore how Learning & Development can transform Diversity & Inclusion programs to unlock the potential of your global workforce, including those Wonder Women around the globe. Don’t miss out on discovering all of your uncelebrated Super Heroes in disguise!

What you will learn in this session:

  • How you can successfully develop, nurture, and advance under-represented talent from around the world
  • How Learning & Development can transform Diversity & Inclusion programs into a powerful tool for your organization’s success.
  • D&I is a proven performance accelerator, generating a competitive edge and higher probabilities of profitability


Kristin Smith

Vice President, Global Key Accounts