Cultivating Leadership Excellence: Flexco’s Journey to Transforming Leadership Development

In this session, you’ll discover how Flexco, founded in 1907, an organization committed to “Investing in People First” and dedicated to cultivating a robust leadership pipeline, embarked on a strategic journey to create a leadership training solution aligned with the organization’s timelines and needs. By assembling a team which blended internal experts who closely collaborated with external L&D partners, including TTA, Flexco successfully designed and implemented a tailored leadership development initiative known as The Leading Others Program.


We’ll explore how through this collaboration, strategic decisions and best practices were identified which helped highlight crucial elements such as LMS implementation, learning strategy formulation, effective project management, and the identification of skilled facilitators. You’ll discover how Flexco transformed their leadership development program with a focus on:

  • Constructing a curriculum aligned with the leadership skills and competencies essential for success identified by Flexco executives.
  • Involving Flexco leaders as coaches to provide invaluable mentorship and guidance, enhancing overall program impact and effectiveness.
  • Establishing a framework for measuring leadership skills competency and engagement ensuring a clear understanding of bench strength and growth.
  • Harnessing insights from previous initiatives, including the Flexco Leader of Leaders/Leading Ahead program, to refine and enhance the training, creating a more dynamic and impactful learning journey for Leaders of Others.



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