What Would You Do With More Time? AI-supported, Human-centered Experiential Learning at Scale.

In the dynamic world of Learning & Development, leaders are continuously seeking innovative solutions to optimize training efficiency. New AI tools accelerate processes and give precious time back, freeing designers up for more high-level thinking, so we can focus on the work we love most—creating engaging and life changing experiences, fast.

This session unveils how no-code solutions transform the landscape of learning design, making it more accessible, adaptable, and impactful.


Why attend?

  1. Discover how new AI-powered, human-centered tools slash design and development costs by 90%.
  2. See how to create simulations, gamified eLearning, practice-based microlearning, and experiential workshops in hours.  
  3. Understand how data can be useful to the learner and to the organization.


Join us to step into the future of learning with us and discover how cutting-edge technology meets user-friendly design to create an unparalleled learning experience.

Technology discussed:

AI and authoring tools for experiential learning