Vivek Ravichandran

Vivek Ravichandran

Head of Talent Development (North America)

Vivek is currently the Head of Talent Development for North America. He aspires to bring about Technology transformation in enterprises and drive a culture of strong analytics. Vivek is responsible not just for enabling upskilling/cross-skilling TCSers to drive the technology led Growth & Transformation of TCS but also for deploying various strategic interventions to Link Learning with appropriate career growth and workforce transformation.
He has designed the thinker at Heart and is passionate about shaping the future of work and crafting exciting user experiences across people functions for TCS and our customers.
Vivek plays cricket and has been a part of various State and University Cricket teams. Also a scuba diver and has advanced scuba diving instructor license.

11:15 am - 12:15 pm
Oceana D

Making HCM a People Analytics Powerhouse

The challenges that HCM organizations face in the current climate are staggering. Employers often cite people analytics as a critical tool to understand and improve the organization and the employee experience, according to Brandon Hall Group research. But about 80% of organizations still collect data through manual or semi-manual methods and only 17% have a dedicated team to analyze data in ways that lead to prescriptive actions. This session explores how HCM strategists can make progress in leveraging people analytics to drive better business outcomes.
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