Peter Olyarchuk

Peter Olyarchuk

Sales Director, North America
Training Orchestra

Pete combines his appreciation for great tech and good people with his experience in applying innovative solutions, to help organizations solve their unique learning business challenges. Leveraging Training Orchestra’s training management technology for ILT/vILT scheduling, resource management, compliance, cost tracking, and reporting, Pete helps his clients to “Train More with Less.”

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm
Coral AB

Fast Track: Building a Rock-Solid Learning Tech Ecosystem in a Hybrid World

Rethink & revolutionize the way you approach your learning tech stack to meet the needs of the business, your trainers and learners in our new hybrid reality. Learn how to build a rock-solid learning tech ecosystem by focusing on the foundation, including new approaches to ILT, vILT and hybrid training management.

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