Laura Hoppa

Laura Hoppa

Principal Performance Consultant

Laura Hoppa is a Principal Performance Consultant at TiER1. She’s known for activating strategies that truly move organizations forward. With decades of communications and marketing experience, Laura has helped organizations achieve performance results by helping their leaders relate to and influence their customers and employees. Laura has a passion for shaping work-happy cultures where people can unleash their talents and achieve results. Leveraging her expertise in employee engagement, authenticity in leadership, and performance experience design, Laura has helped design moments that are meaningful, important, insightful, celebratory, surprising, fun, and results driven.

3:35 pm - 3:50 pm
Coral DE

Tech Talk: Kroger’s Ongoing Connections Support a Thriving Associate Experience

Leaders want high performance; associates want to love their job. And regular, high-quality, intentional conversations are shown to be the key to both goals. So what keeps this from happening more often? Join Kroger and TiER1 for practical tips on how Kroger tweaked its approach to performance making this an activity that people will actually do… and see the results.