Kristine Kukich

Kristine Kukich

Senior Director, Customer Marketing
Thought Industries

Customer success is built on customer education, which is the core belief of Kristine’s fifteen year career in customer education. The start of Kristine’s customer education journey was like many - wearing multiple hats to help build a fledgling customer education team at Taleo to triple in size and deliver 3x as much content, including adding a new practicum-based certification program. This laid the groundwork for expanding with a much larger organization at Oracle University and HCM Cloud. Building a successful subscription program and helping the organization to transition to digital delivery as the main delivery model, learning about subscription services all along the way. Learning about best practices, other tools, techniques, examples and just understanding the business of customer education has been augmented through membership and chairing a SIG in CEdMA (Customer Education Management Association). Being able to communicate with others in the business community through membership in has also been foundational for this new role in customer marketing. And now, at Thought Industries, building customer community and celebrating customer success will showcase how innovative and inventive Ti customers can be.

10:35 am - 10:50 am
Coral DE

Tech Talk: Amplify Your Learning Impact through Technology

The technology in play to present learning to our employees, partners and customers is growing and changing every day. This session will focus on the use and definitions of augmented intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality to prepare today’s learning portals to deliver exceptional learning experiences. Let’s talk about how to create consumer-grade learning environments.