Kate Brown

Kate Brown

VP of Engagement and Development
S&P Global

Kate Brown is responsible for driving culture and development initiatives across the enterprise. She leads internal engagement and change management strategies to continually shape the culture and help leaders and their teams connect with S&P Global’s purpose to accelerate progress. Within Kate’s team sits culture, leadership and team development, learning, performance management, as well as executive and career coaching. Kate’s background is in talent with a focus on organizational development, change management, communications, and employee engagement. She has previously worked at Thomson Reuters, Estée Lauder Companies, The International Culinary Center and DDB Worldwide Communications in roles that ranged from marketing and client management to talent development.

11:15 am - 12:15 pm
Oceana C

Transforming Performance Management to Talent Enablement​

Employers increasingly understand that excellent performance does not necessarily mean employees have high potential for future success. Unlocking potential requires a mix of strategies driven by leaders and employees who partner on several levels for the mutual benefit of the organization and the employees’ career growth.

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