Ingrid Urman

Ingrid Urman

Global Head of Tenaris University School of Management

Ingrid is currently the global head of TenarisUniversity School of Management. She works on the leading edge of the human resources field, exploring new technologies, methodologies, and approaches in talent acquisition, learning and development aligned to a company’s strategy and mission.

The practices she implemented with her team were award winners of ATD, Brandon Hall Group, Workforce Optimas, Training Top 125, CorpU and worldsteel. She was named Top 5 Emerging Training Leader by Training magazine. The journey that prepared her for this role is varied and global-allowing her to think broadly, plan big, and consider the world her audience.

4:20 pm - 4:50 pm
Coral AB

Fast Track: Connecting with Leaders in Their Moment of Need

Just because managers are often good leaders doesn’t mean they don’t need continued guidance and growth opportunities. The world of work continues to change — fast. Ensure you’re connecting with your leaders and giving them resources to provide an effective, top-notch learning experience for their people, even during times of great change.