Dr. Page Chen

Dr. Page Chen

Chief Experience Officer
Learning Pool

Page is Chief eXperience Officer for Learning Pool, and is passionate about designing and delivering experiences that drive to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Whether authoring textbook chapters on digital learning, speaking at events worldwide, or consulting on learning experience designs, she excels at helping organizations identify their core requirements and then leading a team to deliver a scalable digital learning solution that exceeds their desired results.

11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Achieving Extraordinary Business Impact through Learning (with Learning Pool)

Maximizing your business impact through learning and development initiatives is a major shift being embraced by business leaders globally. Most traditional ROI models have proved too cumbersome or time-consuming to adopt when looking to analyze the business value of L&D. At Learning Pool we have been working with Learnovate, the learning technology research center based in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, to research a new model that addresses this challenge and seeing amazing results. This session will share the results from real-life cases where we adopted our LP Business Value Model based on Learnovate’s PEAS model and helped elevate L&D positions as a strategic partner within their organization.

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