Adam Ballhaussen

Adam Ballhaussen

Senior Director of Customer Education and Advocacy

Adam is a seasoned Customer Education and Advocacy leader with a background in marketing strategy and design—and an immense, admittedly geeky, love for technology. He’s passionate about building communities and creating intuitive learning experiences that delight customers. His approach to building CEd & Advocacy programs that get results is to be an empathetic leader, a diligent student, and an inspired visionary—in that order. As an avid lifelong learner, Adam has a knack for making complex concepts easy and fun to learn.

1:15 pm - 1:45 pm
Oceana D

Fast Track: Mutually Assured Success - How to Leverage External Training to Manage Risk, Boost Learner Engagement, and Educate Customers

When an action or system benefits all parties involved, it’s called mutually assured success. For example, when an employee education program helps people grow their careers and equips them with the skills that their organization needs. It’s win-win.

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